Many times, people walk into my office feeling lost, lonely, empty, or disconnected from the people closest to them. Others describe a desire to feel more authentic, present, and free. Some are interested in boundary setting, cultivating self-compassion, or developing stronger assertiveness skills.

DSC_0206-finalI take an active experiential approach in which I encourage clients to explore the deeper parts of themselves they struggle to connect with. I specialize in helping clients develop the emotional awareness necessary to cultivate self-compassion, effective communication skills, and a stronger sense of internal power. In session, I am highly engaged while integrating a mindfulness-based technique.

I treat symptoms related to depression, anxiety, relationship issues, process addictions, perfectionism, and trauma. As therapy deepens, my clients often explore existential issues related to identity, purpose, motivation, and loss.

Many of my clients are in the helping professions and appreciate my emphasis on self-care and personal development. My style can be described as relational, dynamic and supportive. I foster a collaborative dialogue in the therapeutic relationship to cultivate a meaningful connection. The stronger the therapeutic relationship, the more impactful the experience can be for both of us.